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Ethiopian Travels Specialist

Since the establishment of SABOURE in 1995 has been specialized in organizing  customized & the ready made tours to Ethiopia: including individual travelers, charity workers, associations and travel agencies.

Ethiopia is very well known in Africa for its friendly people, incredible weather, spectacular landscape, endemic wildlife and birds.

It’s our great pleasure welcoming you to visit Ethiopia and explore the richest and divers culture. The satisfied visitor is our greatest reward, as organizing trips comes from our hearts.

E-Tourism Online Services

VisitEthiopia.Holiday e-Tourism digital portal presents Ethiopia’s major tourist destinations. It contains pages with generic and background information of Ethiopia, features to collect and display news and events, and most importantly showcases of the different service providers and their offering, enabling visitors to plan their trip and book accommodation online.

Visitethiopia.holiday e-Tourism program is customized based on what the visitor is searching for. The contents are also themed according to the key categories throughout the portal. Coming soon!

Ethiopian Royal Coffee

Saboure Modern Offices is a subsidiary of Saboure World Oy Finland, which is specialized in innovating and creating new business gift ideas for chain stores, organizations and firms.

Some of our products are known under Ethiopian Royal Coffee, Ethiopian Royal Tea, and Ethiopian Royal Honey, which are excellent for their greatest design and luxury collection.

We are seeking potential distributors or agents worldwide for implementing our sales network, both the existing and custom made products.

Ethiopian Consultant

Ethiopian Trade, Investment & tourism consultancy services.

Ethiopian Consultant is providing one stop consultancy services for small and medium size companies that wish to establish business ties with Ethiopia.

You are welcome to the vast land for vast opportunities to share your expertise or find out the mysteries of one of world’s fastest-growing Ethiopia’s economy.

We are at your disposal in all matters related to Ethiopian Trade, Tourism and Investment consultation.



e-Tourism digital portal to be launched soon.


visitethiopia.holiday one stop services to commence soon.


e-Partnership Plan to be introduced soon.


e-Agent / Mini Franchise Plan to be introduced soon.


10 Top reasons why choose VEH

VEH offeres online application system, e-Tourism digital servivces, e-Advertising,  e-shopping and e-Agent Platform, Online flight and hotel bookings possibilities, Online car, guide and transfer request Platform.

Top 10 advantages of visitethiopia.holiday e-tourism portal

SEO, User friendly and safe, Personalized looking, User sign up possibility, Customer privacy protection, Responsive to Smartphone and Tablet, 24/7 one-stop customer service, Updated contents, Competitive services and Customer satisfaction.

Top 10 facts of Ethiopia

The only nation in Africa that has never been colonized and always independent country. The second most populous nation in Africa. A birth place of Coffee Arabica, where coffee was discovered for the first time. The only Country in Africa to have its own alphabetical scripture, numeric and Calendar. The home for the first mankind “Lucy”. County that has mentioned in the holy bible more than 40 times & several times in the Koran. The Source of the great Blue Nile, which contribute over 86% for Nile river. Country that keeps the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. The seat of the Africa Union Head Quarter (AU). The seat of the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).


Saboure Group

Saboure Travels specialised in organizing  customized & ready made tours to Ethiopia for individuals travelers, charity workers and associations.

Saboure Modern Offices  innovates new business gift articles for department stores, organizations, gift shops and individuals.

Saboure Ethiopian Consultant provides professional consultancy services for small & medium size companies that wish to establish business ties with Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia – Something like from another planet

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