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Since the establishment of Saboure World in 1995 we were focusing on organizing customized & ready made tours to Ethiopia for business, conference and individual travelers.

For travelers convenience we have implemented one stop e-Trip planner appication including:

Ethiopian tourist visa, flight, hotel, rental car and transfer reservation as well as an online itineraries, group tour and guiding request form are few to mention.

The satisfied customer is our greatest reward as the organizing of trips to Ethiopia comes from our hearts.


Cutting Edge VisitEthiopia.Holiday   e-Tourism digital portal presents Ethiopia’s major tourist destinations.

It contains pages with generic and background information of Ethiopia, features to collect and display news and events, and most importantly showcases of the different service providers and their offering, enabling visitors to plan their trip and book accommodation online. e-Tourism program is customized based on what you are searching for. The contents are themed according to the key categories through out the portal. Coming Soon!


Taking into account the buyers demand, Saboure Modern Offices  has implemented an online e-Marketplace for benefit of internet accessible for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers.

When sourcing on our website, you can either place order online or contacting us directly for further discussion. We work tirelessly to facilitate secure and honest trading on the  e-Market platform enabling online orders.

The luxurios Ethiopian Royal Coffee and tea are popular for their unique  bussiness gift collection.


Online Ethiopian Tourism, Trade and Investment Consultancy Services

Ethiopian Consultant provides one stop consultancy services for small and medium size enterprises that wish to establish business ties with Ethiopia.

We are delighted to invit you to the vast land  for the vast opportunities   to share your expertise or find out the mysteries of world’s fastest-growing economy of Ethiopia.

We remain at your disposal to provide any relevant information related to Ethiopia’s Tourism, Trade  and Investment opportunities.


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